Terms & conditions

Terms and conditions

Definition of our terminology

  1.  We, us, means Tech Developers Ltd trading as www.pharmafocus.co.uk
  2.  You, Visitor, Client, User is an individual, business or an organisation, using or visiting any of our products or services.
  3.  The domain name is the website address as stated by the client.
  4.  Content is both text and images that are on the website.
  5.  Hosting refers to keeping your website active online.



  1.  The Terms and Conditions, together with the privacy policy forms an agreement with Tech Developers Ltd (trading as www.pharmafocus.co.uk) and the visitor or user of this website and the products of Tech Developers Ltd.
  2.  By using this website or making a purchase on this website, you are agreeing with our privacy policy and terms and conditions. It is your responsibility to read these documents.
  3. The products on this website are aimed to be sold in the UK and may only be purchased by customers who are 18 years old or over.
  4.  Tech Developer Ltd reserves the right to make modifications to the Terms and Conditions and privacy policy at any time.


Copyright and intellectual property

  1.  Tech Developers Ltd expects clients to ensure that the content, operation and purpose of their website is legal. We reserve the right to remove a client website from our servers if we believe that it is operating illegally. Please ensure that any images or content you use on your website is available to use legally.
  2.  If we have used images on your website, they are licensed for single use only and they can not be used elsewhere or for a different purpose. We are not responsible for misuse of these images if they are copied, altered and distributed by individuals or other organisations.
  3.  Tech Developers Ltd will not be responsible for any events adversely affecting the client’s business operation, sales or profitability that might be claimed as a result of a service offered by Tech Developers Ltd.
  4.  The website, content and other designs by Tech Developers Ltd or it’s created websites are the intellectual property of Tech Developers Ltd and visitors or customer may not copy, access the code, modify, reverse engineer, distribute or publish, without the written consent of Tech developers Ltd.



  1.  Different services have different payment plans and it is the responsibility of the customer to select a suitable plan for their needs.
  2.  Plans where services are provided on a subscription basis, the customer is buying a licence to use the product or service and if they don’t keep up with the payment plan, the service or product will be deactivated. In the case of a website, it will be made offline. The design and code of the websites remain the property of the provider “Tech Developers Ltd” and Tech Developers Ltd reserves full copyrights for all the designs and content.
  3.  The advertised prices exclude VAT and the VAT rate at the time of the purchase will be added to the final purchase price of all products and services.
  4.  With Logo designs, the design rights will be handed over to the purchaser once the full payment is received.
  5.  Social Media and website subscription fee must be paid on time to ensure the continuation of service if the payments are not received on time, Tech Developers Ltd reserve the rights to stop the service without any notice.
  6.  The payment we receive is used to pay for components such as hosting and domain name purchasing and therefore, these payments are non-refundable.



  1.  Our main and preferred method of communication with clients is through email. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that they provide us with their correct and current email address. Any changes to the email address or other contact details need to be communicated to us. We will notify our clients through email of important news and updates so we must have your correct and most current email address.
  2.  In an event of an emergency, you may contact us by phone, if urgent action is required. We can not be liable for any events if we do not receive your communication.
  3.  We will contact you between the development phase of the project, if the client does not respond to communication for longer than 2 months, the project will be terminated and no refunds or transfer of fee to a new project will be available. We will make 5 attempts to communicate through the contact details provided to us by the client.


Design and Development

  1.  The Standard and Premium website packages are based on the design and colour scheme you have selected. We will incorporate your images and information, if supplied to us otherwise you will be able to update your website from the content management system. Once you make your purchase of the Standard or Premium package, we will try to get your website ready to go live within seven working days. We will only make small reasonable adjustments to the website. Once the website is finished and you accept the end product, any changes after that are subject to additional charges.
  2.  For the bespoke website design package, we will present you with the design and make the necessary changes until you are happy with the design. After the design is accepted, any further changes will be subject to additional charges. For us to give a completion date estimate, we will need to receive a final changes list from the client.
  3.  Clients purchasing the Logo design service will be presented with an agreed number of possible designs and they will pick their preferred design. If the client wants to make small changes to the design, we will try to accommodate them but once the logo is accepted by the client, any further changes will be subject to additional charges.
  4.  Photography and Videography services are priced and the packages include a description of the service. We will do our best to carry out any reasonable requests but additional services will be subject to added charges.
  5.  All social media packages are on our website for the clients to select from. We will deliver the items listed under each package. For additional items, the client will be subject to pay additional charges. By purchasing the plan, the client is giving us the consent to access their business social media profiles and post, update and delete the content as appropriate. If the client wishes to use their existing social media accounts, they must provide us with the login details for their accounts. We will always try to post relevant and reliable content but as with all online content, we can not guarantee the accuracy of any content. Tech Developers Ltd will not accept responsibility or liability for any damage or losses due to the content posted on social media platforms. If the client does not like any content, they must inform us to remove it.
  6.  Websites or other system created by us may host functions from a third party to provide a specific function. We will not be responsible for the conduct of the third party in any capacity. We reserve the right to change the provider fo the function to ourselves or another provider.


Hosting and SEO

  1.  Tech Developers Ltd offers the client a complete hosting solution for the various packages. We use well respected hosting providers to host your website.
  2.  Clients are required to make the subscription payments on time as failing to do so will result in deactivating of your website hosting. Reactivating your website if you let your subscription to expire will const £50 + VAT.
  3.  For bespoke websites, if the client wants to use their hosting, it will be the responsibility of the client to manage the hosting and we will not be able to assist in any way.
  4.  With online services, technical problems can arise sometimes. In an event of a technical issue, we will try to resolve issues as soon as we practically can. We will not be liable for any business losses or other damages or fines due to any technical issues arising.
  5.  We reserve the right to delete any data on our servers after two months of your subscription expiring if you do not renew your subscription.
  6.  Tech Developers Ltd can help the client improve their website search ranking but we can not guarantee the ranking as it’s affected by various factors.


Domain Names and Links

  1.  Clients can transfer their existing domain names or if required, a domain name can be registered by Tech Developers Ltd for a website that we design and develop. The domain name purchased by us will be registered under Tech Developers and fully managed by us.
  2.  Domain names require yearly renewal and there is an associated fee with this, if we do not receive your subscription fee on time and it expires, your domain name will not be renewed which can risk its availability.
  3.  Tech developers Ltd does not accept any responsibility or liability for domain name becoming unavailable or being purchased by someone else in case of expiry.
  4.  We place a small link at the bottom of the client website which states the website is designed and developed by us.



  1.  For a website hosted by us, we will be available Monday to Friday between the hours of 9 am to 5 pm. This excludes bank holidays. This support will be through email. Any technical issues will be dealt with as soon as practically possible. We aim to be prompt and provide the best service at all time.
  2.  Our email account address is available on our Contact US page.
  3.  We are a team of professionals and expect professionalism from all our clients. We reserve the rights to cancel contracts in case of abusive or unacceptable behaviour towards our team, without any refunds.


Liability and Limitations

  1.  In no case, the liability of Tech Developers Ltd should exceed the price paid by the client for the service under the agreement. In no event shall Tech developers Ltd should be liable to the customer or any end-user for any damages including, without limitation, consequential damages, special damages, lost profits, whether incurred by customer or end-user.
  2.  Tech developers Ltd is solely a design and development company, we do not accept any responsibility and have no liability for any content or damages that occur due to the content of the client website, directly or indirectly.
  3.  It is the responsibility to check and monitor the content of their website, social media accounts at all times.
  4.  It is the responsibility of the client to keep their website login details safe and take appropriate steps to protect their website from external attacks. Tech Developers Ltd will not be responsible for any loss of data and hacking of the website. We recommend that the client uses antivirus and install regular updates to avoid any intrusion.



  1.  Tech Developers Ltd may use subcontractors from time to time for tasks like translation, design or photography. Any engagement with subcontractors shall only be limited to the task set out by Tech developers Ltd. The customer shall not contact the subcontractor directly, all communication shall be through Tech Developers Ltd at all times. Any such communication will be breaching the contract and will result in termination of the contract without any refunds.


Choice of Laws

  1.  This agreement is governed by English Law, and any disputes arising will be only subject to the jurisdiction of English courts.
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