Why your pharmacy website is so important?

There are still a good number of pharmacy businesses that do not have a website. An average pharmacy has around 5K-10K regular customers. They offer a wide range of private and NHS services. Their existing and new customers have regular queries about the services of the pharmacy. Now if you think that the average pharmacy can not benefit from having a professional website that provides information about the pharmacy services and offers online booking then this article is for you.

We are living in a digital age. The future that we used to talk about 10-15 years ago is here. Consumer habits have changed dramatically. Community pharmacy as a business needs to establish an online presence so that it is visible to 1000’s of local customers.

Offer convenience

Businesses that can conveniently offer their services will be successful in the future. The consumer of today is looking for convenience. People want to access information from the comfort of their home, 24/7. Someone looking for a travel vaccination service at 10 pm online wants to find a provider that provides all the information online and allow them to make a book online within minutes. People don’t want to be on the phone lines for ages and take time out of their busy life during the day. To understand this you need to think like a consumer. Also, the number of users access the internet through their mobile devices is increasing rapidly. Is your pharmacy website fully responsive? Does it work different size devices? Majority of websites that are older than 5 years are not fully responsive. It is time to upgrade your website?

Be visible online

Future business growth will come from your digital presence. How visible is your pharmacy business online? When someone is searching for flu jab service on Google, is your pharmacy appear on the first page of Google in local searches. All the pharmacies that do not appear in local Google searches are invisible to their potential customers. This is true for all the different services that you provide at your pharmacy. The foundation of your online presence is your pharmacy website.

Promote your services online

As pharmacies are doing more private and NHS services than ever before, it is crucial that you have a digital marketing strategy for promoting your pharmacy services. Those businesses that take a lead in this area will see achieve significant growth in the uptake of their services. It all begins with your pharmacy website. Once your website is sorted, you can look at Google search engine optimisation, Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing to drive traffic to your website.

Simple and affordable pharmacy website solution

We understand that the independent pharmacies do not have the sort of budgets that the multiples and big chains have to invest in their IT. Our pharmacy website solutions provide a simple and affordable way for every independent pharmacy to crate a professional pharmacy website. We have written professional contents for each of the pharmacy services and provide custom graphics with your websites. All you need to do is select your design and domain name. If you want to keep your existing domain name, we can simply transfer that over. You do not require any IT skills to operate our pharmacy websites and we are available to support you at all times. So if you are thinking of creating a new website or upgrade your existing website then now is the right time. It is easier than you think to launch a professional pharmacy website. Click here to find out more.