Promote your Covid-19 testing service online

Reach 1000’s of customers in your area with our Covid-19 testing service marketing. An increasing number of pharmacies are offering a private Covid-19 testing service for travel and occupational purposes with certification. This is could be the anti-body test, Covid-19 PCR test or the covid-19 rapid antigen test. If you offer this service at your pharmacy or you want to start offering this service then we have the marketing strategies in place to make this service a success. Attract new customers and generate extra revenues. RIO-focused digital marketing service from an award-winning digital agency. We are a phone call away.

Digital marketing for pharmacy

We use all the available digital marketing channels to promote your Covid-19 testing service. Our focus is to raise awareness through social media marketing and drive traffic to your website and your pharmacy through Google search engine optimisation (SEO). We also promote your service through content marketing which helps to drive traffic to your service page on your website. Now we will look at each of the marketing channels in detail.
The future pharmacy model is heavily focused on services. Pharmacies are doing an increasing number of innovative private and NHS services. To facilitate this change and allow pharmacies to reach their potential customers online, Google SEO is essential.

Social Media Marketing for Pharmacy

With social media marketing, the main purpose is to raise awareness of the service and engage potential customers through relatable contents. This includes professional graphics and well-written content to convey the message. We cover all the major social media platforms. These are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. You can see an example of a phone that we have created for a client.
With the rise in use of social media platforms, the average consumer is spending considerable time online browsing through their social media profile. This represents an opportunity for pharmacy businesses to connect with their potential customers online. There are thousands of active users in your local area. You can effectively promote your pharmacy services and products through social media marketing.

Google SEO for Pharmacy

The most important aspect of digital marketing of any pharmacy service is Google SEO. Anyone searching for a pharmacy service has almost already made up their mind. They just need to find a provider so the most important thing is to appear high in the Google search results. Now, there are two main ways to rank high in Google searches. The first is through paid Google ads which will charge you per click. This can be very expensive and unsustainable for an independent pharmacy with a modest marketing budget. The second method is through organic SEO which involves a variety of techniques when deployed will rank your website high in Google search results. This is a more sustainable and effective method of SEO. We help clients to feature on the first page of Google results in local searches through organic techniques. This will drive significant traffic to your website. The example shows how we have achieved this for one of our clients.

Content marketing for pharmacy

People often underestimate the power of content marketing. Content is king when it comes to digital marketing. Through professionally written and fully optimised blog post, we can achieve significant gains in terms of Google rankings and diverting traffic to your pharmacy service page. You would be surprised as to what we can achieve with a fully optimised blog post with the correct keywords and graphics. We use blogging to market Covid-19 testing service for our clients. In the example, you can see that our client features on the first page of Google in their area, at the very top of the search results. This drives a significant amount of traffic and generates many folds return on investment within weeks.

Where to start?

So, if you are starting the Covid-19 testing services at your pharmacy and want to promote then get in touch. Digital marketing is the most cost-efficient and effective method of promoting your pharmacy services. You can also check out our combined digital marketing package which is perfect for promoting all your pharmacy services. Need a pharmacy website, we have that covered as well. Start your digital marketing journey with us today. Get in touch